Reveal the hidden facts
in your data

Challenge us with your data

100x Less False Alerts

Many systems provide so many false alerts, your employees AnalyzeData's state-of-the-art technology reduces the amount of false alerts generated to almost nothing! So your team can get back to doing business, instead of following up false alerts.

Insights in Real Time

Stop waiting for analyses after the facts. Get insights into your data as you're delivering it to us, and get results in terms you understand.

Large Investments?
Not With Us!

There's no need to purchase expensive licenses. With AnalyzeData pay only for what you use with our pay as you go model.

Understandable &

Don't hire expensive data scientists to interpret your AI/ML results. AnalyzeData generates alerts and insights that your employees can understand, without the need for a data science degree!

GDPR Compliant

Our systems feature retention by design: data is automatically purged from our systems when you want it to be, so you stay in control of your data.

Data quality
by Design

80% of data analysis boils down to data quality & cleaning. With AnalyzeData's SDKs, say goodbye to tedious cleaning tasks!

Up & running in
under an hour

With various low-code and no-code integration methods, you can be up and running in under an hour!

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