AnalyzeData is a young company with its roots at the Eindhoven University of Technology. AnalyzeData uses the latest academic technologies, including award-winning technologies developed by its own team members. Our technologies have won numerous awards, and helped contribute to prestigious cyber-security communities

AnalyzeData delivers solutions, not tools.

Our technology

State of the art,
Fast & accurate,
Human in the loop,
We are AnalyzeData.

AnalyzeData uses novel technology developed at the Eindhoven University of Technology during the PhDs of co-founders dr. Bram Cappers and dr. Josh Mengerink. Our mission is to make state-of-the-art data analysis techniques easily available to everybody!

Many companies are moving to a more data-centric way of working, leveraging AI and machine learning in the process. However, this approach has a few downsides:

  • Large up-front investments in data analysis tooling is needed;
  • Highly trained (and thus expensive) staff is needed;
  • AI & ML often produce a high number of (false) alerts, that have to be followed up
Rather than build tools that you have to master, AnalyzeData delivers plug & play tools tailored for your application domain.

Our technology uses the latest in academic data analysis techniques to bring up to 100x less false alerts than competing systems. Moreover, we produce & report results in ways that are easily understood by your employees, so follow-ups & feedback are seamless.

European Cyber Security Perspectives

We have been an active contributor in the European Cyber Security Perspectives for several years now, collaborating with some of the biggest players in the field to enhance global digital security.

2020 Edition
2019 Edition
2018 Edition