Meet our team

Meet Us

The AnalyzeData Team

Josh Mengerink PhD


With a PhD is Software Engineering, and almost a decade of cloud engineering experience, Josh co-founded AnalyzeData with the vision to make academic data analysis techniques available to everyone!

Bram Cappers PhD


With a PhD in visual analytics and cyber security, Bram co-founded AnalyzeData based on his award-winning analysis software.

Kay Reijnen


Former founder & CEO of Motto communications, Kay brings over a decade of entrepreneurship experience.

Christophe Reynaert

Business Developer

Former founder & CEO of IT101, Christophe has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the security domain.

Remco Eikhout

Business Developer

Driven by purpose, Remco has a proven track record in innovation and management!

Linda Zandt-Sloot

Junior data scientist

A student of the joint Eindhoven-Tilburg data-science program, Linda always chooses the hardest assignment, and doesn't stop untill she's perfected it!

Joey van de Pasch

Business Developer

Joey is a do-it-all know-it-all, with a specialisation in tax & technology. It's impossible to summarize all his knowledge into a short bio!

Roel Noten

Business Developer

Roel has had a long and distinguished career in IT entrepreneurship, bringing invaluable experience to AnalyzeData

Petra Vujičić

Frontend Developer

With her eye for detail and quest for perfection, Petra ensures our frontends always look their best!

Dennis Cappers

Legal Advisor

With his background in Law from Maastricht University, Dennis keeps AnalyzeData legally up-to-date.