In the gynaecology department of a hospital, too many “urgent” treatments were being scheduled, interfering with regular scheduled operations. At first glance there were no clear common factors. Our technologies were used to find the root cause of these “urgent” treatments.

Our core technology was applied in the healthcare domain to analyse the flow of patients through their treatment process.


Low Entry

AnalyzeData’s systems do not need extensive integration to provide added value. In this case, anonymised CSV was provided to get “quick and dirty” first insights.

Process Mining

Process mining was applied to extract a rudimentary flow of patients through the department. This revealed a clear “happy flow” through the system, and revealed the various places where deviations from the process were being made.


Having performed a variety of analyses, we found that nearly all “urgent” cases were for patients that were undergoing radiotherapy and that (rightfully) blood work results from radiotherapy patients were being prioritised.