Telecom Anti-Fraud

We integrated our SIP anti-fraud solution for a large wholesale telecom provider with over 35 million calls per month. AnalyzeData’s real-time monitoring system detect fraud (on average) 17 hours faster. In the most extreme case, we out-performed the existing solution by 34 days! In total, we caught 80% more fraud than the existing system, saving our customer tens of thousands of euros per month!

Applying our technology in the telecom domain (SIP) we were able to outperform existing anti-fraud solutions by 80%! Saving our customer tens of thousands of euros per month
80% improvement

Telecom Anti-Fraud

No-code integration

AnalyzeData’s SIP anti-fraud solution is a breeze to implement. We offered tailored implementation options that suit every case. Choose from a variety of open-source no-code implementation options, or if you insist, we offer a variety of SDKs so your developers can dig in!

GDPR Compliant

The AnalyzeData SIP analysis platform allows you to send numbers with up to three digit anonymised. This means individual users can no longer be linked to the data, ensuring GDPR compliance.